The Law Office of Cormac Bordes, based in Westford MA, offers a variety of legal services for buyers and sellers.

Below are some of the services we provide to our real estate clients.



Offers to Purchase

The initial contract between Buyer and Seller, the Offer should include all the essential terms of the transaction, such as purchase price, deposit amount, closing date, contingencies and any specific items to be included or excluded from the sale. We can prepare an offer to purchase for our client, or review the offer prepared by the Realtor before our clients sign. 


Purchase and Sale Agreements

Typically signed after the buyer’s home inspection, the purchase and sale agreement becomes the final contract between the parties, superseding the offer to purchase. We review your purchase and sale agreement and make revisions to ensure the final agreement adequately protects your interests as either buyer or seller. Because each property and transaction is unique, relying solely on the “standard” purchase and sale agreement is not sufficient. Each agreement should be tailored to the uniqueness of the property and the particular needs and concerns of the client.




Under Massachusetts Law, real estate closings must be conducted by a licensed Massachusetts real estate attorney. Our office has extensive experience conducting closings for purchases and refinances. For more information about the attorney’s role in the closing process and the closing services we provide, click here.



Electronic Recording

With most transactions, we have the ability to record documents with the Registry of Deeds remotely from our office. Electronic recording allows us to record and disburse the proceeds of the transaction in a more timely and efficient manner than more traditional methods of recording.



Title Insurance

Through payment of a one-time premium, title insurance coverage insures homeowners against a range of matters that may adversely impact their rights in the property and inhibit their ability to sell in the future. We are agents for two title insurance companies: First American Title Insurance Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company. For more information about title insurance, click here.



Homestead Protection

Massachusetts law allows owners of real estate to protect their primary residence from certain creditor claims via the Homestead Act. We advise and assist clients with respect to homestead protection, including preparation of Declarations of Homestead.



Condominium Conversions

Creating a condominium involves preparation of a Master Deed submitting the property to the Condominium statute, and secondly creation of an organization, typically a trust, to govern the condominium. Our office can prepare these documents, along with a preliminary budget for the condominium.



Document Preparation

From deeds to easements to boundary line agreements, our office can assist with the drafting and recording of documents affecting rights in real estate.



Cash Purchases

With a financed transaction, the title and closing work is conducted by the lender’s attorney. With no lender involved, it typically falls on the buyer’s attorney to perform the title work and coordinate the closing. In addition to our usual buyer representation services, we are available to handle the title work and closing for cash buyer clients. 



For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Sellers

Sellers who are not represented by a Realtor should have an experienced real estate attorney in their corner. We advise our FSBO seller clients on matters such as what they do and do not have to disclose about the condition of the property and what steps they need to take to prepare for closing.




Our office assists clients with the preparation and review of residential and commercial leases and subleases.